Survival Horror in need of some assistance!


I haven’t been able to fully revamp this recruitment page due to a multitude of hindrances. Everything seems to be resolved as of now, so let’s get this show on the road!

A little about myself first. I’ve been in Indie Game Development for about four good years. While the first were primarily used to get associated with various programs, software, code, and other necessary equipment, the other two were actually getting used to the industry. The Indie Game Development industry is a cutthroat industry, and I’ve learned that all too well. I’ve lost much, but have earned plenty of experience. I have only lead a multitude of teams temporarily, and this would be my first real attempt at leading a full-scale, I hope to do by absolute best.

While I’m generally a writer (I write satirical works in my free time), I’ve also dabbled in Voice Acting, Music Composition/Arrangement, Texture Art/Texturing, and Modeling in the Blender 3D (Although I’ve worked with Maya & have gotten a tour of 3Ds MAX).

I’m sure you’re tired of listening to me ramble on and on like Big Brother (1984 ;)); So enough about me, I believe it’s about time I introduce you to the game at hand!

Project: NightTerror

Genre: Survival Horror

Game-Play: Reminiscent of the older Resident Evil games (RE 1, 2, 3, REmake, and 0), this game is meant to be a “tribute” to that style of game-play. In hopes of combining an intricate storyline, psychotic character encounters, and a grisly throng of demonic enemies that block the player’s path, we hope to create a terrifyingly memorable experience for any player (veteran or new). The game-play also centers around the conservation of ammunition, puzzles, and the story. The player may also engage in the collection of files, and various other trophies for additional unlockables. Through this, we shall attempt to create a re-playability unrivaled by some story-driven campaigns previously played or seen.

Story Summary: Birch has just been bitten by one of those hellish creatures. Over hearing a news transmission that suggest he may be able to achieve salvation, he ventures out to find this cure. Along the way, he encounters psychopaths driven to madness by the epidemic; and, innocent young children that have been condemned too endure this nightmare… Figure out convoluted puzzles, collect files, and do your part in unraveling this chilling enigma all while you attempt to save your own life in the process. Do you have what it takes to survive this crisis?

I’m currently accepting any help I can get. Everyone has to start everywhere don’t we?

Another, albeit important note, this isn’t meant to generate large sums of wealth. I wish people would understand that you should never make games for money. It’s all avarice. We work together to make a beautiful piece to showcase to any potential employer. However, if we actually release this game (as some games unfortunately don’t cut it, I understand this), then please know you will receive adequate & even compensation. Also, later on in development, NDAs will also be distributed.


RPG-7.blend (512 KB)Revolver.blend (454 KB)More-mapping.blend (419 KB)

I have been playing the first and second resident evil also I like the idea

Wonderful. PM me or talk with on Skype. I’m a strict leader, but very understanding. I’ve been in Indie Development for about four years, and if I’ve learned anything it’s that Indie teams simply need plenty of Hardwork & Dedication. So it’s nice to have you aboard!

Strict leader who only wants to talk about pricing once it’s finished. Nice concept. :wink:

LMAO, I changed the main page a bit. I had plenty going on, and I wrote it early in the morning. I had it terribly structured & written. So here is the revised version. What I upset with the most in my previous post was that I failed to mention that you shouldn’t make any game for money. Which, I believe may have garnered an unpleasant rapport amongst those that frequent these forums quite often.


I would like to join too. I could do modelling and textures. I can also compose music and design levels. Unfortunately I dont have time to concentrate on the game 100%. My studies require time and concentration so I have only time to work for the game on weekends and on holidays. Before joining I would like to ask two questions:

How much have you already planned and made your game?
What game engine are you going to use?

Is the anything to show what I would be working on if I joined

Concept art?

Jacob, I was really wondering what your revolver and more-mapping should present? Unfinished tracing of a gun and a plate? Also the rpg is over 2000 polygons and is oversized compared to real life scale. You should present your work in a bit more serious way unless it’s in some wip thread. This is just my personal oppinion so feel free not to take it into consideration :slight_smile:
Anyway hope your project takes speed and succeeds in the end!