Survival Horror-Project, Modelers needed!!

Hi blenderartists!,
I am currently working at doing a Survival-Horror game demo using Unity3d. I am relativley new to Blender, and am not good at modeling, nor really interested in making a one-man project, besides I really dont have the time…

But I have already got the protagonist(imported, not modeled), I have rigged him and done some quite nice animations with several weapons. However, my main strength is scripting, which I do in Unity, so I need professional and creative blender users(I think one partner would be to little?) to build up a nice demo scene for the game to take place.(I am thinkin of haunted houses or other creepy environments), but you dont have to see the outsight of the house, because the game takes place inside, so basically all I need is some rooms, with fitting textures…

I am not aiming at a time limit, so the work can be flexible, and you can take time with what you do, I would just find it great and appreciate it if anybody could support me with modeling and sharing ideas :)…

My ambition is not to do a low-quality game, I can ensure you that the results will be more than acceptable, I can post gameUpdates from time to time, to show you the current results…

Please give answers, if you are willing to help me out with this project,

I Would love to help, im not a good modeller being new to blender, and i have rather limited knowledge but if there is anything here and there i can help out with im more then willing.

Hope i can Help

Hi brinemobee!
Sadly I cant post the game in its current phase, because I am doing it in Unity(do you know Unity?) and here I cant post .unitypackage files. But if you could take the time and join the Unity Community and click the Showcase button you can download the current game, here is a complete link to my game, but before you have to create a free account at

The game is just right at its beginning, I have started only a few days on working on the game, therefore inspiring ideas are welcome:)

You can feel free to help me with anything your mind is set to…right now I havent got a real plot for my game…Id find it great if you could help me out with giving me ideas about the storyline of the game, because I dont find it so easy…As the game proceeds I can give you more tasks on which you can work, but if you have got any ideas on anything connected to my game feel free to comment, i really need good ideas at the moment…

Of course in the final demo game all of the people will be mentioned, which helped me doing this game in any kind of way…

hey man glad you feel i can help, :smiley: Ive wanted to get in on a project for a while, and this sounds like a great one. I know about unity and was planning on joining the community soon actually, once i got my skills a bit better.

Im quite creative and i write for a hobby so i may be of some use to you for ideas or even just someone to bounce ideas off, you want to brainstorm on here or do you have FB, MSN or something we can properly chat on?

I would like to have a crack at modelling and texturing some things, im a fast learner but know little about game design although its what i want to do.

Anyway im at your service with as much time as i can spare, the rest will be put to good use dodging my responsibilites while i learn blender :smiley:


I would really like to upload the first scene in blender, but I have difficulties with the upload manager :(…it says the file is too large, though it has only 2.01 MB…I also need help for this :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for answering that fast :slight_smile: I have got MSN, my msn adress is : [email protected]
You are definitely right, talking on a messenger is more efficient than posting messages all the time.
It is very good that you are ambitious at learning unity3d and blender, just what I need for my project…
Have you already watched the walkthrough of “Amnesia the-dark descent”? It is a really scary survival horror game,
which I have not played, because I wouldnt be able to survive this game xD…maybe watching that walkthorufh inspires you with some ideas for my game…I want my game also to be terrifying and disturbing, and very scary…this is my aim…anyhow for further communication we can jus use MSN, as you have suggested :slight_smile:

Just another thing to mention…I need to have scary background music, which should change from place to place…since I dont cast myself as music composer, I need ideas on how to realize this…A survival horror game is nothing without fitting and disturbing background music xD…

Haha I think we may work well together, as i have a recording studio in my basement and am helping out with a film that is a phycological thriller, i used to be a musician although im not much of one anymore, but i atleast have the equipment and understanding to be of help in this department. I have also been spending alot of time creating sound effects and Foly for the film and have portable recorders for this (or rather my dad does :P)

Also i spend most of my time on the computer so im easily reachable. I will look into amnesia, get a feel for the type of game you are hoping to create, i have just created a unity account and downloaded unity. although i may not be able to run it on such a slow comp we shall see. Ill add you on MSN in a moment


Wow that game looks intense, I know what your looking for now and im pretty excited. those are the best type of horror games.

Indeed, this is pretty nerve destroying…haha I have not reached the end of the walkthorough yet, im at part 12…one thing in my game should be definitely different from this game: When doors are opened, you cant see the hands touching the handles and pulling them down, if i add this effect to my game it definitely add some more scaryness and realism to it, what do you say?
Great that you have been a musician! You probably know what I mean when I am talking of fitting backgorund music xD
I also think it is important that the music doesnt play all the time, at speficif points there also must be breaks…have you tried downloading my first game demo yet? If not, I can post the link again.

I am downloading it now, will let you know what i think shortly, I am on MSN now if you are available to chat.

So your off to a good start then. Did you model and texture this so far? or is this all imported?

As for Gameplay i feel that for a game to be truly Scary it needs these things:

This is Just my opinion and some ideas i have had whilst thinking of how i would build a survival horror.

  1. Helplessness: Put me in a dark room with a creature and im nervous/petriified, give me a shotgun and ill kill it. the less weaponry the better.

  2. Consequences: Getting hit has to hurt. if i can walk through an armada of creatures and just heal myself its not as intense. getting hit has to really be painful for you as a gamer.

  3. Imagination: See less hear more i think. Hearing an enemy far worse then seeing them sometimes. breathing sounds, creaks, moans groans that become recognisable as a threat are very scary.

4: Desperation: Running out of something is always savage in horror, let someone stock up and they will feel relaxed always keep them low on ammo, give them something crap that they must use to conserve their better weapons.

5: inventiveness: One of the most fun things in Survival for me is being inventive in how to stay alive, if action isnt the majority then surviving in the funnist and most inventive ways will keep people interested

6: Unpredictibility: Keep it fresh and inventive mix it up and keep the gamer on their toes, keep repitition down as low as possible, or else the gamer will get confident.

Anyway these are just some guidelines i would follow if i was to create a Survival, just something to think about


Hi brinemobee, as I said I am now able for discussing and talking further on the project…
I have already got good ideas on how to implement some imporant Script-functions for the game…

hey listen i was wondering if i can help. your wish is my command

Hey Shooter, Thanks for taking interest, we are always looking for help so you are more then welcome, What sort of role would you like to do? We could always use another modeler, but we also need riggers and animators…


what kind of modelling are you looking for? character? objects or enviromental?

Hey Jack, We have a whole Range of positions available

Currently we have:

Modellers (Im working on Enviroment and Another will be helping me, but the more the merrier)
Texturer(Again having another texturer would be great)

Rigging & Animator: Someone is helping with this but We definatly need more help here.

General Help

We Need:
Rigger & Animator
Object Modeler
Character Modeler
Sound/Composer (I may be doing this later on but i dont have the time right now)

We have a thread going on the Game WIP, although its a bit choked up as it is our main source for communication, When we are a bit more organised we will create another thread focused on showing our progress and gaining community support rather then using it as our primary source of communication

Its under ‘Cool Survival Horror Project’ And has alot of activity so is usually near the top. :wink: Check it out and talk to the others. Let us know what you think