Survival, Strategy, Make your own Story Game is looking for any kind of support

(Paramatus) #1

Heyho everyone,

We are currently a group of three people makign a game in our free time (we dont rush things) and are looking for people that want to join us in our journey.
Me: 3D Modeller (Rigging and animating sometimes)
Torax: Animating and Art
Fhs15: Coding

Now to the Game:
Our game will be first and third person, Low-Poly style and taking place in a post apocalyptic (propably not depressing) scenery with hopefully completly destructable environtment. We want to make small steps in the beginning. We were also thinking about adding fantasie creatures or maybe a little magic (nothing op) to make it more fun and easier to maybe lift objects (no one can carry a 10m tree). The Game will also include a crafting system and a building system. Later we might go for NPCs and maybe a COOP PvE.

Wat we need from you:

  • 3D Modells
  • Animations
  • Coder (C++) (we want to use ue4)
  • Special Effekts designer (campfire etc)

I am looking forward to hear from you.
(When we finish the game we wont put it out for sale we are only maybe going for donations)

If interested please contact me:

(CultLess Studios) #2


I’m using Blender now for one year and would be interested helping you and having fun to realize some projects. I’m focused on doing modeling, texturing, compositing, creating assets and did some logo animations. Would be great to hear from you. Here’s a link to my latest project I was doing:

Steampunk Lamp

Steampunk Zeppelin


(Paramatus) #3


I like your work, but many aspects u used are not needed in what the project needs.
It would be awesome if I could see a low poly modells. Animations would be great aswell, but are not necessarily needed. If possible I would like to have a chat with you.