Hey guys, here is my latest project:

(BA sharpens the image a bit when compressed into the thread, so right click and open link in new tab to see a better image.)

I had never made an image with a full character or an animal before, so I gave myself a double challenge!

This turned out absolutely fantastic.
Very well done Sir.

like a tremendous illustration from a book. Absolutely exceptional fur on the coat. As well, the tiger’s fur is marvelous when the image is opened full size. Its a wonder how many hair particle layers must have went into that. That would be an education just discussing the fur recreation on the coat and animal.

The only small oddity is the tiger’s nose doesn’t seem defined enough.

All in all though, a spectacular work.


Thanks guys!

FXR: Then you will be glad to hear that I’m working on a complete tutorial on fur in cycles for Blender Diplom. I will be sure to go over all of the different “layers” of particle systems. It should be out in the next couple of weeks. :slight_smile: Also, I agree about the nose.

Thanks for the reply. Again … a tremendous composition.

And looking back at the picture I see the problem more clearly. From the area of upper skull, from ears to nose, the outline of the head is too rounded. It looks very very similar to a bulldog’s head in that aspect. The skull starts wider at the ears and tapers towards the eyes and muzzle.

The tiger’s head by contrast starts out slightly narrower between the ears and seems to broaden at the eyes. (Id have to look at an illustration of a big cat skull, but its likely correct). The profile then incurs a much more well defined break downwards and inwards towards the muzzle, than with a bulldog.

The tiger’s muzzle also widens along its length from the point of juncture between the eyes (the narrowest), gaining full breadth about midway whereupon it begins to taper again before ending at the nostrils. Looking at the ref pic, the above perspective is that of a long general oval shape, which terminates at the nostrils.

Absolutely looking forward to your tutorial on fur. Moreover, you picture should be submitted for the splash screen.

I really like the background, feels cold.

Thanks again FXR, you are spot on. This was my first time doing a project with an animal, and hopefully it can be excused because saber-tooth tigers were most likely not quite the same as Bengal tigers. I will be sure to submit it for the splash screen, thanks!

:slight_smile: Indian and Tiger…huh…anyway I can see amazing work man…

This one sure came out nice Johnathan.

Then you will be glad to hear that I’m working on a complete tutorial on fur in cycles for Blender Diplom

Looking forward to this tutorial…

@mojza I was thinking more along the lines of natives in the north, like the Inuit, but he sure does look like an American Indian. But hey, it’s prehistoric so you never know what could have happened :slight_smile: