I called this one done but I would still love to hear some serious critique! Would be super happy to hear your thoughts on it!

I like the story it tells. Even though my first thought was, that a normal campfire would be more appropriate. But then I read the smoking barrel more as a kind of signal. So storytellingwise it delivers really well.

The lighting also gets across the evening mood very well.

The only critique i have to offer is, since you seem to have painted the smoke (also nice work with the lighting on the smoke), try out some different brushes. There’s nothing wrong about stylising, but the smoke seems to be in to much contrast to the otherwise realistic environment.

I hope that helps a bit.

Love the mood and style of the scene! Maybe I would have added more vegetation on the plane, but your texturing is good. I would also have increased the scale of the tent, it looks quite small, but that’s just my opinion :smiley:

Nice job !

Yeah I feel you! A actually had the tent far bigger on the earlier renders (here on artstation you can see how it looked: ) but I may have scaled it down a little bit to much. Thank you for taking the time! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Yeah you’re right, I should have spent more time on the smoke. It was actually made with the cloud generator. A simple smoke simulation would have gotten me better results i must confess… :confused:

Nice scene, bu one thing immediately catched my eye… The rust on the plane. As far as I know, planes are made of aluminum, and not out of steel.

Hahahah omg I totally forgot the fact that aluminum does not rust :smiley: God damn I fucked up did’nt I? ^^

Naa I think you didn’t fucked up for that. Ok most recent airplane are mostly made of alu & composite materials, but you can find steel on older ones. If you look for “rusty airplane” on internet, you’ll find plenty, so I think in an artistic point of view it’s fine ^^