Susane's History :)

I tried aplly material like old bone (material that i took from tom*p and setup more for bones) on Susane model :slight_smile: Please think only in a good meaning like power of history, experiences, long traditional, things like that (not old, dead soft). It was just test of material with some typical blender model.
(Does anybody know if somewhere exists public library that people can post their try, And collect materials in this way? With some admin that care for lib? To have some base of materials for blender?) I always spend a lot of time to made materials that somewhere exists, for sure or look for it on the internet. I found some collections packed in an one .blend file but it’s not right choice. Thanks for answer

Haha! What a great idea!

4 stars! Brilliant!

I like. Well done! more stars.

Great materials, model, and concept! 4 stars

thanks to all of you for starts
@The M.h.p.e.: i like your stars :slight_smile: great work

great stuff
4.4 stars (rounded up):wink:

Brilliant, i love it when that old monkey gets and airing in a way i haven’t seen before.

I was expecting yet another awful susane head, but you’ve surprised me. good job!

keep your alertness :slight_smile:

(watchfulness?-sorry for english)

very nice, give the material to Meta-Androcto, he is making a blender material libriary blend which is over on the news and discussion forum at the moment. This would be a really nice contribution to add to it. thnx

Nice :slight_smile:
5 stars for me!

I’d say it was better, but your cheekbones annoy the crap out of me. It looks like you just made it up. :stuck_out_tongue: The bridges go across the SIDES from the bottom, and the muscles on the temples slip down underneath and attach to the jaw.

Bout your material idea, there is such a thing already The Blenderlibrary only there should be a place to upload the library’s

LOL, cool idea

Nicely pulled off. Great texture, model, etc.

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That is a great model, and great textures. How do you come up with these Ideas?

Awesome. Well done. I likie mucho.

to ALL: thanks for your replies :slight_smile: nice to hear so much enjoyment from this pict that came from test :slight_smile:

@mandoragon: thnx for tip :slight_smile: I checked his .blend very fast, but from first impression its not the best way of presentation - very difficult to see how a materials looks like (to see how usefull they are).

@BlackBoe: just impression of shapes :slight_smile:

@Abel: :slight_smile:

@ethan: if i good understand your Q - answer is up