Suse 9.2 and Blender 2.4

I’m running Suse 9.2 and thinking of upgrading my Blender to 2.4. My Python version is 2.3*. System spec is 768Mb memory and 60Gb HD. I haven’t installed Blender previously as my current version came with Suse.

I wondered if there are any other Suse 9.2 owners out there who’ve installed Blender 2.4 already and might be able to offer advice. Thanks.

Whats the question? :slight_smile: How to instal it? Or is it possible? Or is it worth it?

Suse 10 and Blender 2.4 runs fine on my box

Thanks Fobsta. In fact I needn’t have worried - Although my memories of my early days with Linux still cause me to flinch a bit when considering installing anything, Blender worked first time! My only problem was that, at first, it wouldn’t play back an animation, but this was because I installed the new verion in a new directory and had to change the default directory setting.