SuSE Linux

Hi guys –

At the beginning of May, SuSE Linux 9.1 will be released, with full AMD64 support. Since I’m currently running Windows 2000 on a dual Opteron, I was thinking of dual booting with that OS in the hopes of making a full (or close to full) migration to it. Does anyone have any opinions on SuSE Linux – performance, stability, etc. – or another distro that supports AMD64? I have heard good things about Fedora, but I’m not sure which one to go with. I would especially like a good installer; I have dealt with bad installers (e.g. Slackware), and they really annoy me.


Well, the second beta for Mandrake 10.0 on amd64 is out. Not sure when the final version will be available for download. Mandrake has an incredibly straightforward and simple installer. It also has handy config tools for administering your system.

If you’re looking for ease of use/install I’d suggest this one (when it comes out).



Go for it if you know how to build programs manually. As I’ve said before, many programs don’t have SuSE builds

Strange. I totally loved the installer of slackware. It was so simple and easy.
How come you didn’t like it?

SuSE’s YAST is a very good tool… As for performance/stability, I could say that SuSE does pretty good…

I had a few problems when I tried Mandrake, but I suppose it was my usual bad luck…

Currently I’m using Fedora core 1 and I’m pretty much pleased with it, so personally I would prefer Fedora core 2, which is coming out, around the same period of time (first weeks of May…)…

I hope it helps…

Thanks for your help guys; I’ll let you know when I have Linux up and running – it won’t be for a while, though.