Hi i’ve been trying out yummy look material nodes.
My theory is glossy is not enough for like food advert.
To represent both subsurface scattering and reflection of water coated at same time, created outer translucent object applied displacement details by noise texture.
But still it looks like honey coated. more brutal reflections along with surface?
Any thought appreciated.


You need a bump or displacement map on it. Cut fish has a distinct grain to it. It is way too glossy. Also don’t forget about the serving board, even for a lacquered piece of wood that just looks too perfect and computery.

It’s definitely a good start! The outer translucent object looks like it needs more subdivisions/increased displacement resolution (the shine is blocky with triangles). Also, if you are using material nodes, would you be able to apply all the materials to a single object (it may help avoid artifacts, though I don’t see any here)? Overall I think the gloss can be reduced in favour of more diverse lights (HDRI or back and side soft lights). This can also help with shading, which I think could go a long way here with the rice and fish parts. In any case, I’m excited to see your next steps and renders!