Suspected bug: unable to create linked duplicate with specific meshes


New Blender user here, running upstream Blender 2.66 with a few scripts, but I’ve tested on unmodified 2.65a and unmodified 2.66. Debian 64, Thinkpad X201 tablet.

I’ve got a couple of meshes that don’t seem to create linked duplicates with alt-d. They do duplicate, but if I tab to edit mode, the geometry isn’t linked. If I export them as Collada then reimport they work OK, and there’s nothing weird appearing on the Python console.

Now I’m guessing this link won’t work because I’m new, but hopefully the attachment will.

no.linked.duplicates.blend (488 KB)

Can anyone explain, or does this warrant a bug report?


[ETA - problem wasn’t that it wasn’t linking, but rather that it was displaying differently. I posted an explanation below, seems it’s delayed in the mod queue]

Tried Link duplicating both your objects in your blend file and they both link duplicate as expected.

Show some kind of screencast of exactly what you are doing

Problem figured out whilst making the video, so cheers!

I hadn’t realised there’s some peculiarity to those meshes that causes them to not update unless I tab back to object mode, but they are linked. Perhaps a transformation that isn’t fully applied? That would explain the export / import turning them ‘back to normal’ anyway.

Here’s a quick screencast demonstrating the difference:

Thanks for your time - I like your Daleks by the way :slight_smile: