suspend and restore dynamics

ok guys heres another for ya by the way thanks for all the great help over the past month or two ive learned alot. anyways now im trying to figure out what seams like such and easy thing but im failing to achieve, ok what im trying to do is say you have a table with four legs and each leg you can take and break off the table and caryy around and drop all that good stuff k but the only problem is how to get it to stay standing up untill i break it off or the player does. here is my current logic brick set up

always and edit object//dynamics//suspend dynamics

touch// material//radar and edit object//dynamics//restore dynamics

(Note) the touch material/ radar is basically a cube that is parented to the camera that acts like a near sensor because i cant get the near sensor itself to work

but the problem is by having it always/ suspend dynamics it wont detect the collision with the radar material in order to restore the dynamics. anyways hopefully someone can help plz. thanks oh and sry for the mesh of my attempt at explaing the logic brick setup cant get the screenshot to paste in sry.

hmm i just tried a setup with your logic and its working in both 2.49 and 2.57. :confused:
Maybe the collision bounds of other objects are not letting them touch properly?


suspend.blend (132 KB)

ok i think its maybe because the radar box that is parented to my camera isnt set as dynamic because thats what your red box is i dont know why it makes a diffrence but ill try that and see if it works. thanks for the example blend.

it actually doesnt work i checked it 10 times to make sure it was exactually the same as your set up and it still wouldnt im so conused it seams like such a easy task but i just cant get it.