Suspend/Restore dynamics doesn't work anymore on Blender 2.65

I have a scene with an object shattered with cell fracture and a bullet. I usually suspend dynamycs for the fractured objects and restore dynamics on collision with the bullet. It’s not the first time I’m doing this kind of simulation ad it always worked. Now, on Blender 2.65 it doesn’t work anymore. Why? The bullet run across the fractured object without detecting any collision and so dynamics aren’t restored.
Did I miss something?

Provide a .blend file , maybe you are missing something.

Did you activate the function “Actor” at your bullet?
The collision-detection won’t work without it.
A few days ago I’d the same problem.
If you had activated it, please provide the .blend like BlendingBGE said.

The bullet is setted to “actor”. I can’t attach the .blend file. It says “upload failed” :frowning:

try again or upload it to mediafire or something like that