Suspend Scene in Sumo?

I’m building a game that requires Sumo (Can’t seem to simulate the gravity effects I need in Bullet), however Suspend Scene still plays out the scene while visually suspending it, so upon resume scene my objects ‘jump’ to where ever the gravity put them. Is there any workaround for this?

That’s why I stopped using sumo during my other projects.

Well… not sure if this works, but the workaround I thought of at the time was this.

  1. When pause is pressed, save all the position of each dynamic object
  2. When unpaused set all those dynamic objects to their initial positions before they were paused

This might work… but not really sure if it does. It’s an idea :D.

Jason Lin

…or use owner.suspendDynamics() / owner.restoreDynamics() on every object

Thanks, that did it.