SuspendDynamics glich

I am trying to make fully destructible buildings made out of rigid body bricks, I have done this before just for fun but now I want to make a city. To improve performance I want to suspend the dynamics of the bricks that are farther away from the player. however when a dynamic object collides with a suspended dynamic object it will randomly jump or fly off, so when the buildings become dynamic they blow themselves apart before I get to shoot them. Why do the suspended objects do this? is there a way to stop this?

The code I am using works fine except for the premature exploding; here is the code I’m using to make the bricks suspend/unsuspended if you want to take a look:

cont =  GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
Player = GameLogic.getCurrentScene().getObjectList()["OBPlayer"]
if own.getDistanceTo(Player) <= 20:

Should you wake the far away buildings up when a dynamic object is coming close?

Btw are these objects auto sleeping, or something is causing that to not happen?

Thats sort of the problem, i am wakeing the buildings up before the player gets near them, however since the buildings themselves are made out of dynamic bricks they collide with themselves and blow up. I have tested it without the script and it works fine so I know i dont have them intersecting or anything like that.