Suspended chair scene

Well here’s what I’m doing next…

Not sure if the baroque furniture fits, but thought I’d see what everyone thought.

Looks interesting. What is very attractive to me is the mirror/table to the left. That is some great modeling. Can I ask how you did that? Also, the chair in the background seems like it needs to be scaled up. the floor seems like it needs scaled down. Looks good though.

Thanks Frobenius.Edge, yeah I can’t take credit for the baroque table on the left, it’s from blendswap but I was just seeing if it fit the scene, but you can see some of that modelling here. But yeah thanks about the scale I’ve definitely go to fix that :slight_smile:

Here’s an update with lots of edits, still not sure if the background chair is still out of scale, whatcha think?

Really cool! About the Barcelona chair, it kind of looks as if it is blocking the hallway out there. I would personally remove it, but that is just my opinion. :slight_smile: Floorboards look a bit large as well, compared to the hanging chair. Floor isn’t mapped right either, but I’m sure you saw that, it’s a WIP after all. The lighting and render are freakin’ amazing, looking forward to you finishing this up! :smiley:

You might want to remove the chair in the background. That table is such a nice piece of furniture to be on the periphery of the image. And you really want to update the wood floor, something just seems off about it. That being said, it is a nice image, and will be even better when you’re done with it. Just my opinion, your taste may differ. :slight_smile:

Your lighting is very nice and natural looking, pancreasboy! The chair may be slightly smaller than realistic, but it’s not too noticeable. If it were any bigger, it would start to distract us from the hanging chair (which looks very cool, by the way). As for removing it, I don’t know. I think it does help to give depth to that back room. Without it, the room just about blows out to white, and could end up looking too plain and unrealistic. I do agree that something could probably be changed about the chair (or the lighting of the back room) to improve that part of the image.

I would try to play around with getting the exposure in that part of the scene down to a more natural looking level. I know with Cycles, you often have to blast your scenes with light to get acceptable exposure in your interior shots, so windows and openings are often blown out. To reduce this, compositing would probably be the easiest route. But these are just possible suggestions, the image already looks pretty good.

I’m reminded (in a very subtle way) of the last scenes of 2001, when the man is in the room/house watching himself. I suppose it’s the combination of the baroque style furniture, and the spherical chair, which reminds me of scifi films from the 60’s and 70’s.

Oh, and the doorway! The doorway which is facing exactly towards the camera, and is similar in proportion to the monolith in the film. This must be what is reminding me of the film.

Alrighty here’s an update with those suggestions taken in to consideration (thanks for that btw)…

I guess in the end I’m leaving those objects in there to point to the object of focus, ie the suspended chair.

Rendering is looking good.

Thanks tahnk!

Here’s an update with added carpet and glossier floor.

I would get rid of the flair on the plant. You already have an eye catching light in your scene. It’s too much in my opinion.
Very nice work tho.

May I ask how you did the floor? Are you using a bump map or have you modeled everything? I just started with an interior project, never done one before and I haven’t started with the floor yet.

Is that chair from Blendswap? I’ve seen one a lot like it…one of my favorite modern furniture ideas. Great scene!

Hey here’s my floor node Akirahz

And do you mean the hanging sphere chair Owldude, cause I made that myself (pretty simple really, just cut the top off a sphere and put a Solidify modifier on it).

Thanks a lot pancreasboy! I just found a tutorial on Blenderguru with a similar setup and some explanantion. Great!

Well here’s my final render, onto another project me thinks…