Suspended rigid body- collisions with it are unstable.


Basicly I have a rigid body, I’m using it as a door on a 6DOF hinge. When the door is shut I’m suspending the physics on the door to lower the physics cost, this all works well.

The problem is that the player can glitch through the gap I have left between the door and the wall (gap is there to avoid wall-door collisions)

I’m uploading an example (2.49b), on the left is a suspended rigid body, on the right is a static object. The balls are dynamic objects with a constant linV of -10 on the z axis (speed player could have)

The left ball jumps around weirdly, gets x axis movement from somewhere and eventually goes through the gap.

Is there a reason why, or a way to fix it?


rigid_suspend_prob.blend (659 KB)

does this help ?
rigid_suspend_test.blend (659 KB)

Oh thanks!

That’s interesting, it’s like the rigid body is rotating when the other object hits it, but not visually. Albeit probably more complicated than that.

Constantly resetting the orientation of the door works.