Suspending a scene doesn't stop a steering object

The problem is pretty simple: Whenever I suspend a scene that contains a steering object (an object with the “Steering” actuator, doesn’t matter wether the object only seeks another object or follows a path on a NavMesh), the object will continue to seek its goal even though it clearly shouldn’t. When I then continue the scene, the object rapidly spawns at its new location, which is an undesirable result to say the least.

Here’s a video showing the issue:

If this happens to be a bug, can someone please submit it? Don’t get me wrong, but the bug tracker is a bit confusing to me and I’m not even sure wether or not this is a known issue.

I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM!! Did you find an answer of ANY kind? Please tell me if you have. This is the last problem I’m having with my current game in progress.

Whilst you shouldn’t bump old threads, this may well be a valid bug. I don’t recall seeing where this code updates detour, so it is likely that it is a mistake on the developers part and requires a bug report

message(all stop)----------python------------steering