Suspending stoping always actuator

Have a need to fix a bug to stop a always actuator to work on certain condition.

Please clarify. one sentence that contains little information is not enough. If you are talking about the suspend scene brick it pauses the entire scene. That’s how you pause games. I don’t know what else you could be referring to. Perhaps posting a .blend would help

Sorry, how to pause or stop a alway’s sensor in the logic brick.
I have a dynamic objet, parented to a animation. When I animate the parent, the child start to spin around. So I place the child static. But when I clear the parent… the static object stay in air. So I place a away’s actuator to fix it, still the same. The way I see is to put a always. But when I press a key I want the alway’s to stop, but I can’t find how.

use a state change to stop the actuator.

sorry for highjacking this thread (don’t know what’s worse: make a new thread, or post a similiar question in a existing one)

I would like to stop near-sensors, after their first activation, but because I constandly add new objects with such sensors soon I would be out of states (assuming that I change the states after every sensor-activation). Is their an other opportunity?


one way to stop ( there’s others) “triggering” is to use the “Expression Controller”
Give a Property ( Boolean-> False?) named “stop” to the object that carries the logic
Then the Logic Bricks:
Always ( or whatever) Sensor -> Expression Controller - Exp:stop == False - Whatever Actuator
Then when some action occurs ( and you want to stop the above sensor) make it change the “stop” property above to TRUE ( with direct link or messages?)
Is this clear?

Depends on how much other logic you have on that object. If states wouldn’t be too difficult to add I say do that. Have the always sensor in one state, and when you want to deactivate it just change state. I think you can have more than one state active at a time so you should be able to just add it. Otherwise use a Bool (true/false) property.

I’ve found setting up your bricks this way to be the best way to switch on or off a constant sensor:

The action only continues when the property is equal to the right number (for example 1) or true for a boolean property. You then use a set property actuator to switch the sensor on or off. This works for any brick based input.