Suspension bridge cables

Hi, I’m quite new at blender and am a little stuck!

I am using an array to create my cables which works quite well. The problem is I need to vary the angle of each cable in increments so I’m trying to the add offset object to an empty and rotate the empty to give the result I want. When I do this it goes completely wrong. Any help and advice would be appreciated.



have you tried to mess around with the scale and position of the empty to see what happens? Remember that the empty should pe placed relative to the object center.

Here is little tut of how some things could be done in Blender.
Obviously, ropes created that way will look unrealistic a bit ( in nature, suspension ropes are almost never straight lines), and may be hard to UV-unwrap it to apply texture or bump map but here is idea:

I hope it is what you are asking about.
Cheers :wink:

holy crap you made something difficult seem so easy =] that solidify modifier seems to come in good handy now. i still use 2.49 because the 2.5 interface just plain sucks =[ i cant use it to save my life.

@BurningSniper - as you may know, in 2.49 there is bundled script Solidify Selection so you can use it instead of 2.5 modifier. Not so handy but in this case is good enough.

In 2.49, you can extrude individual faces if you have more that one selected.

@bleber- yes but it leaves open holes so you have to select every hole separately and fill it. Another way is to extrude separate faces as region with translation=0 and then perform Alt-S to add thickness.