Suspension System Rigging

I’m trying to create a mechanical suspension system, like the first image. The wheel is the selected bone, and the other bone is the three-pronged arm. The ‘wheel’ bone should only get input in the Z direction (from the ground bumpiness) which causes the ‘arm’ bone to rotate about it’s head. However, the ‘wheel’ bone must also be constrained to follow the ‘arm’ bone, and I can’t find a way to do so. Any ideas?


The wheel bone should be parented to the arm bone. But it’s not that simple to make the arm follow the terrain. Unless of course you are not that bothered to make it perfect!

Cheers, Clock

PS A short answer only as I am currently off the Greenland coast in a small ship…

Yeah, if I could find a way to make the TAIL of the arm bone to follow the terrain, everything would be fine. But the only constraints I can find apply to the head.

Add another bone to the chain, make it follow the terrain and use an IK constraint on the arm bone with the new bone as the target.

Cheers, Clock

PS -still on the ship, back end of June and can help more then.