Susuki Vs Honda
High Defenition:

This is about 90% Gimp, 9,5% Blender and 0.5% Inkscape :wink:
I’m learning, so any comment is highly appreciated.

Edit: and there’s a Typo in the title :s “Susuki” should be “Suzuki”

fab, i like the colours!!
what was made in blender?

It looks like the background/ environment was made in blender :smiley:
Interesting name - I thought they would be cars :slight_smile:
Good job! It looks like it could be a good comic book cover…

Thanks ionee and AMDBCG :wink:
The hexagons in the floor, the rings around the bikes and the guy hand and the final color correction ( because Gimp can only handle 8bits any color correction in it made everything look terrible) was made in blender, everything else is Gimp and the letters in the helmets are Inkscape.

Gimp can only handle 8bits any color correction in it made everything look terrible

so THAT’S the problem- I found most of my pictures looked more grainy after Gimp than before :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good to me! But I find Suzuki’s left hand very rigid and Honda’s right shoe a bit weird.

Thanks Sirgazil :wink:
Yeah! There are issues :slight_smile:

Blender works at 32bits color by component and Gimp, by now, just 8, so when you, for instance bright up a image in Gimp appear anomalies but in blender you can push color “To the Infinity and Beyond” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been debating what to write here (or even whether to write at all) because i find this style in general a bit over done and bland…

But I have to add that this is an excellent implementation , very slick and polished so I need to congratulate you…Well done!

but do I Like it? sorry but no… but then it’s not “aimed” at me so that’s irrelevant!

@Michael W:
Thanks Michael W :wink:
I’m not happy with some aspects of it either :slight_smile: but my learning method is trial and error… I’m from a scientific academic background… so I’m a self thought drawing man and like with blender I learn stuff hinting with the head in the keyboard :smiley: so to speak.
Honest opinions are great, because they are kind of my grads and all of them are more them welcome :wink:

I’m in a bit of the same boat as Micheal, i think the backgrounds very boring, it looks nice, and its attractive, but i think you could do something better
on the other hand i love the characters, there nicely done, their legs look really long but it works and i agree with Sirgazil about the hands and feet
so, i guess i like it, but think it could be better
where does the “vs” come into play tho?

And I’m with you :slight_smile: thanks!
The background I was initially planing would be something real looking… but I wanted to make this in 5 days and the characters took almost 4 doe to the crazy perspective and the amount of things to design (OK, yeah I’m a extremely slow, I know :P) and then I just start trowing up stuff from blender and make tings glowing and I’ve finished with this :expressionless:
It looks like the scenery made it self :s

The Vs !? :smiley: Basely I was so disappointed with the final result that I even bothered to find a decent name for it :frowning: