Suzanne awards submissions open

Hi Folks, big news!!!

Ton made the Suzanne awards for 2009 submissions on the homepage (link)
The categories are:

  1. Best short film
  2. Best character animation
  3. Best designed short film
    The deadline is:
    Monday October 12

For more details, and for the submission address, check the announcement on the site… so, start submitting! I’ve seen so many great blender shorts this year I’m positive it will be an awesome festival :slight_smile:

Bassam (festival volunteer helper)
PS: help spread the word to other-languages blender communities via forums/your blogs/etc - lets make sure no-one gets left out :slight_smile:

Yay… and the deadline is a month away… I wonder if I can find the time to finish something… It’s about time I submitted!

Thanks for taking care of this Bassam!

Oh and for all those people that submitted stuff through the form… I’ll sort through them this week and send it all on to slik as well! So you don’t have to submit twice!

slikdigit, will your tube project be done in time for that?

I’m a little confused. In order to submit you send a link to your video and information about yourself. What exactly is this information? My other question is what if the animation was a team effort? Information about the entire team? Thanks.

@Jeepster, sadly no, but we’ll play the teaser during the festival.
@Redjay: all that’s really needed is a name for the person or the team/studio who will be recieving the award, and a contact. Also would be really good to tell what category you are entering for (short , designed short, or charanim). Anything else you want to tell is welcome too of course.