Suzanne awards

I am trying to put together a presentation about Blender and what it can do and I wanted to use some of the Suzanne award winners as examples. So far I have downloaded 5 of them and I can only get one of them to work. I am using Windows XP with Windows Media Player and Quicktime. I have downloaded three different media viewers and so the questions are:

Qestion #1. Is there a program that can veiw all the different types of files of the Suzanne winners?

Question #2. Why not?

Question #3. What is the point of posting those videos without telling people how to veiw them?

Question #4. Why do people create these videos in formats that are so difficult for a casual interested party to view?

Just curious. Thanks.

  1. Quicktime and Media Player should do it, unless it has Real Player files.

  2. They can, you just need the necessary codecs.

  3. The point is if they didn’t encode them, the filesizes would be gigantic and it would take forever to download and the “casual interested party” would probably not have the patients. Besides, next to the specs of the movie, it says exactly what it is:

You need the DivX codec on your computer to view that in Media Player.


mplayer works for all of them here.