Suzanne Einstein

My excuse to play with particle hair. Rendered in BI.

Disclaimer: Suzanne’s great grandpa was a scientist not a test monkey. No animals were hurt in the making :smiley:

the unedited version

Haha, very funny! :slight_smile: Nice job!

:smiley: thank you!

ah, i love your portrait :slight_smile: very funny indeed!

Excellent concept! Nice hair attempt. If you got this far on your first try, I bet you’ll get it perfect in no time at all! Makes me want to learn more about hair in Blender. :slight_smile:

Cheers from Brazil.

thanks, doris :slight_smile: always a pleasure to hear from you

polterbyte, my pc was really starting to slow down beyond the limit of my patience, so i just used children particles to reach my target hair volume.

i gotta say, BI really impressed me on this one. all my previous hair experiments in BI just looked terrible no matter how hard i tried. either i got better or BI got better

Your hair work is awesome!

Heheh Brilliant

I’ve been playing with hair and Suzanne for the entire morning. It’s fun!

Thanks for the pointer, khalibloo! :slight_smile:

sure thing, polterbyte :slight_smile: glad i could motivate you. i’d love to see what you produce.

@kennyW and @beiolos, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hahaha…The similarity is astonishing :slight_smile:

perhaps even more astonishing is the fact that suzanne’s face mesh was 100% absolutely completely unedited. it’s amazing what a little makeup can do :slight_smile:

That first image though!

ha ha nice one. I think if you spent a bit more time on lighting/background you could have a very cool final image.

Suzeinstein FTW! Or Suzanstein? ^^

thanks! :slight_smile:
but i wasn’t going for photorealism or anything like that. the lighting in these black and white movies tends to be very simple.
i had just AO and one area lamp in the scene and the default background. nothing fancy

keep in mind, the real artwork is the Black and White version. i only posted the colored one in case anyone was curious.