Suzanne finally escape


Here’s my first post :smiley:

I wanted to practice with the Blender VSE, so I made a fake teaser . Here it is. Suzanne finally escapes from terrible years of user testing :slight_smile:

Hope you like it.


ps : the HDRI background is from :wink:

Welcome, what can I say, the monkey scares me a little, but the animation is fluid and the composition seems very well done, congratulations and very well, as the first post.

Nice shot.

In the next blink I took after that door sound, I was expecting to hear an anguishes scream and some feral growls as some poor zoo handler died.

Bravo Zulu, well done.

It resemble Sam the 3 times winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

Thanks for your feedbacks every one. It’s nice !
I’ll try to post some other of my works then :smiley: