Suzanne gets *chocolate* surgery! Now with advertisement!

Someone asked what it would look like if the plastic material used in the dumb little box I made were put onto a makehuman model, but I decided Suzanne would have to suffice for an example. C&C, please?

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Looks good, quite plasticlish! :smiley:

But I’d make some other color, and aklo dod you render with AO? If no, I’d suggest turning it on.


Yes, the color is really quite hideous, no? I’m travelling and on my poor little laptop, so rendering with AO wasn’t a huge option. It’s lighted with an 8 sample area light w/ dither, umbra, and noise, and that had to suffice. I think the lighting turned out quite well.

Ooh Ooh, shiny plastic Suzanne. Nice render (and model :stuck_out_tongue: ).

now she looks c4d :stuck_out_tongue:

mmm- looks like chocolate

Very nice, I like the color :smiley:

Very plasticish :smiley:

Heh. Thanks for the comments, all. Any crits?

I agree with dwarfrose…my mouth is watering :stuck_out_tongue: Looks tasty. :slight_smile:

The Blender Foundation should start putting out Suzanne chocolates. I bet they’d sell like mad.

I’d buy some :smiley:

It woukd be a nice christmas present, i would like to eat this suze. :smiley:


crunch crunch :grumbles with satisfaction:

wish it was white chocolate :wink:

really looks like molten chocolate or something like that

Looks quite chocolaty!
Would be neat if you could make the eyes more like cherries.

No a bad idea for blender conf 2004 :stuck_out_tongue: