Suzanne in Garrys mod!

So today i decide i would try getting Suzanne into Garry’s mod (a Physics based mod for Half Life 2), and following a few hours work, i was successful!. This is the very first time i got something into a game (such as a custom model) and it feel great! don’t know why, but it does!

Anyway, here is a screen from in-game:-

( i was unsure where to post this but since it not really something to do with blender, other than exporting the model, i thought i would post it here)

This might not seem very exciting at all, but i think its amazing! (for some reason)

Where i learned to do this:— HERE — (deals with XSI, but basically, thats nothing to worry about, just use BLENDER our favourite program, along with the .smd exporter)

Source Blender Wiki (smd exporter found here) :— HERE


Fraps some of it! I wanna see Suzanne go flying! XD

I love watching Gmod in action.


You are running Gmod 9?

Yeah, i never bought Gmod 10… yet!

It was VERY simple to do… i encourage people try it

Whenever I try to start it, I get a “no content servers found” error, any ideas?

Also, you need to model a whole suzanne and rig her so you can use her in DM.

Whenever I try to start it, I get a “no content servers found” error, any ideas?
No, sorry never heard/experienced that before

Also, you need to model a whole suzanne and rig her so you can use her in DM.
That would be great, but very hard to do i imagine, for me, i didn’t need to do any of that, all i needed was the model, texture, export it, compile, play.

Heh, I know the feeling of getting your first model into a popular game. I’ve done a similar thing for Neverwinter Nights a while ago. Never tried HL2 though. Nice work! Suzanne looks good in HL2 too btw


Doesn’t Gmod 10 have stargates? Sorry, I’d know more about gaming if I had the money to do more of it…:o

This made me rofl! rofl rofl rofl! whats your user on steam? i want to play on a server with that xD (ooh and plz give us a dl for the model!)

rdvon, i don’t really play on-line, but here’s the model to have some fun of your own.

Read the Readme.txt for installation instructions

Suzanne Gmod (335kb)

Question: Is there some way to export it strait to ANY game like that? I mean, i know games have different formats and all, but first of all, how do i find out what format a specfic game stores these things as, and if i don’t have an exporter for that, how do i create one that will work? Would i need to write a script, or just go through a few thigns to get it to work?


any time i try to do it, I use google to find instructions on how to do it, and if i cant find any, then i don’t bother trying, Best think to do is look for a Wiki page on how to do it. Otherwise, its often VERY hard to do, but not impossible!

so, since its an object, you can shoot it, have it explode, that sort of thing! Very cool.

try to make the gun shoot suzanne’s!

I didn’t know that an exporter to half life 2 was available- I might just buy the game because of this! I’ve been modding Oblivion for a while now, but getting models in game is like going through hell and back.

Just read your read me: will this work in gmod 10?

I don’t know, you could try and see… most likely i should work, no reason why it shouldn’t, some things may be different… but as i said i haven’t got gmod 10, so i don’t know but go ahead, and try!

Dang it! Couldn’t get Suzanne to work, but you got me hooked on gmod…

Can’t seem to host a multiplayer game, though. Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough for people to join…:confused: (30 min+)

Yeah, Gmod is very addictive! I love just making stuff, and then watching it not work! its great!

When you host a multiplayer game no-body joins because they usually ignore rooms with 1-2 people. I do just the same i only join rooms with quite a few people.

I gave Oblivion export a try one time and after about 5 hours and one fleeting moment where i thought i had finally gotten it to work, it hadn’t :stuck_out_tongue: SOMEONE eventually will make a game, realize that people are going to want to put their own stuff into the games, and write a program that will do all teh importing automatically. I’ve mapped a lot for HL2 until recently due to reformatting and switching to linux. Haven’t tried source yet, but even before the format, the source SDK was giving me some issues and not loading properly half the time. I had thought about using Blender to add some of my details to HL2 maps, but i never really looked into it.

Congrats on getting stuff into the game. The last time i think i successfully imported something of my own making into a game was DooM II (which was a much greater pain in the ass than oblivion, really, but i was far more patient in my youth) I wanna see her go flying too :stuck_out_tongue: