Suzanne in Ray-trace shocker!

(sonix) #1

Got hold of 3DMAX and 3DViz, this is the first test render.

Love that Ray-tracing.

Comments etc. are always welcome.

(May take 30-40 secs to load.)


(snailrose) #2

Thats really cool it has very realistic look to it 8)

(wewa_juicyb) #3

it’s nice. very nice. I’m kindda dissapointed by the fact that you can see the faces of suzanne so plainely. Maybe you should subdivide it and then export again?


(sonix) #4

The mesh is sub-divided, from within 3DViz, it’s the texture/material properties that are set to resemble a diamond with cut edges.

I did experiment with a smooth material, but it did not produce the ‘Jeweled’ look.

Cheers for the comments,