Suzanne in the sky..

A quick VFX shot. (Quick = several hours of render/composite, some wasted.)

This was an attempt to pull a matte from the colour of the sky to make Suzanne disappear partly behind the tree line. It came out… not entirely awful but still there’s room for improvement.

One of the bigger annoyances was that the DSLR i filmed this with had “sharpen” switched on. This created a bright fringe between the tree line and the sky which made getting the matte right where it mattered even harder than otherwise. I’ll know better next time. :slight_smile:

Interesting project. It’s a good first take. Why was the Suzanne head pulsing, though?

Because i have a friend who’s obsessed with the wave modifier and also it adds a bit more visual interest.

Mainly the friend though. He calls it the woobly effect.

A little ground colour reflection under Suzane would help too. Perhaps a google earth map from those backyards? Sky keys suck. You did great.

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