Suzanne Infinite (lscm)

This is the first time i do uv mapping and I’ve just tested
the new LSCM uv mapping function in bf-blender 2004-07-13.

camera angles! no one ever gets proper camera angles, shapes, or any other camera effects right! the camera i totally off center and the default shape is totally wrong! %|

on the other hand - great uv mapping! interesting layout and cool raytracing demo! nice work! :wink:

Default shape??

you just pressed pc or preview and it gives you default resolutions but making them oblong or tall, skinny, or what ever makes the image have more character! it is like going into a gallery and seeing a bunch of different paintings all with a perfectly square shape - it gets boring - spice it up a bit!

and i realize that it is only a demo to try out the new stuff but still it only takes a few seconds to correct camera issues! :wink:

by the way where can i get all of this uv mapping stuff and unwrappers or what ever - i am working on a modeling for a game and uv is crucial! just post a link or something! thanks!

Testing Builds:

I haven’t had time to do any changes yet
but i have changed the camera angle and
resolution as Prince suggested.

I know the background isn’t right but this is just WIP and
I’m going to fix it on the final image.

shouldn’t it be in “new features tests” topic ?

I don’t know…

It could become more than a test

then I’m waiting :wink: cause right now it’s nothing more than simple test with shiny balls and suzanes.

regards, neos

Does any one know of a tutorial on how to work this new feature?
If so please PM me or post it here.