Suzanne on a stand (with interesting lighting)

Ok, so… it isn’t Suzanne, and the lighting is not interesting…but, still…it’s a chimpanzee head on a stand, right?

And, here’s another angle without the ugly hair…

Hahah I thought it was planet of the noobs. great stuff there, honestly was it modeled in blender ?

yes, I’ve sculpted it with jwilkins’ GSOC branch, painted and worked on the particles with that branch too. Then I’ve rendered it with render25 branch. Also, did some editing to the renders in Gimp.

Very nice.

Though the hair looks obviously unreal.

Thanks. Yeah, I couldn’t get the hair to look better :frowning:

The hair cast’s no shadow on the monkeys head.
Maybe add a bit specular too?

hahahah i like the thread topic :wink:

awesome sculpt as always

This looks great. I have to agree with Freemind, though, the hair looks unrealistic.

Reminds me of general Thade from planet of the apes. Nicely done.

nice work man… really like it…

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

FreeMind and Aliet, yeah, the hair looks bad :frowning: I completely forgot activating ‘receive transparent shadows’ in the materials. Here’s an un-edited render I did yesterday with transparent shadows on, and a spotlight with deep buffered shadows:
I couldn’t do a thing with the specularity of the hair. Perhaps I shouldn’t have posted the render with hair :frowning:

Jeepster, thanks :slight_smile: I was going to post the image to my sketchbook as usual, but came up with the title and decided to post in here :smiley:

Wow! The hair looks awesome now! :smiley:

Great work sick!!!
The hair look good, what about some SSS now? Il helps hair too.

Suzanne has grown up to next level it seems. Great model and render. One thing - hair color transition from gray to black is kinda harsh, bot other than that it’s 5 star.

This really looks fantastic. I give you 5

one day add/mesh/monkey will look be like this… lol

In real time.

ye… just a simple 3d model u can use to practice your 4d sculpting on :smiley:

Great work! I think the hair just needs to be a little thicker. Any plans to work on that aspect more?

everything comes together nicely, even the textured background adds to the authenticity