Suzanne on my desk

Now I’m done with an short animation which you can see here:

The new one:

The old one:

The shadows are baked to save render time, and the time was around 1 sec per frame.

The noise in the background is a laser printer (not laser ink or something, it can burn in wood, and cut plastic)

That was great! I wish mine would look that good. What software did you use to track it?

Quite the setup you have there.

Nice job with the compositing, for an extra complexity you could have stuck Suzanne behind something, but good nonetheless.

Very nice, looks convincing. I’d like to see some more complex stuff, knowing you can do this.
Indeed, how did you track it?

I used Voodoo for tracking, maybe I’ll do some more complex stuff another time. In the meantime, watch this animation made by me:

COol. Really nice tracking. It’s gallery. From me. ANd Im no adminastrator. :frowning:


I hope you will start a web server then:evilgrin:

I’ve made a better version now,

This one have better tracking, and mix more into the background.