Suzanne papercraft model

Not sure where to put this so sorry if its in the wrong area.

Something Im working on today is a papercraft of Suzanne. I real Suzanne model on top my computer desk just sounds way to cool lol. Kept it exactly the same as it is in blender. Well almost. All I edited was the eyes sense paper modeling needs to be one clean mesh and the eyes arent original connected so ya. Building it right now with card stock. I have other colors for it as well including the normal grey that Blender objects have. Let me know what you guys think:) She will be about 5 inches tall or so. I’ll post photos and files so if anyone else wants to build it they can. Not very easy though so keep that in mind.
Any questions about anything let me know.

OMG! When this is done I demand pictures! I totally want one of these!

Cool! Can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

I’ll have photos dont worry:) If anyone is curous of what I do with papercrafting visit my blog and the team I am a part of site here

and of course I do all my editing for papercrafts in Blender:)