Suzanne Render

Hey everyone.

Ideceided to make a render with Suzanne. The goal was to make a realsitic looking render. I used integrated Yafray for that.

C&C welcome!



The floor is very good…

I’d add shadows, less spec, more smoothing (the upper part of the head still has polygons showing in it)

So this is a “test,” right? So it should be in the testing topic at the top.

If you had actually modelled something, no, but you didn’t.

I take that back, it’s for “new features.”

the ancient monkey artifact head.

Hate to ask, but what kind of settings did you use for the metallic look? I keep playing with colors and specs and raytracing and can’t reach that.

Did you turn the refection on?, maybe high spec and high reflection… a scratchy bump map couldn’t hurt