Suzanne's Bad Hair Day

A quick and fun image of Suzanne waking up to realize that she has grown unsightly body and facial hair overnight. Enjoy :smiley:

ha ha. very nice. i like her expression.

Hehe, cool :D! How did you do the fur? Fiber?

Thanks for the comments. The fur is done with static particles.

Hey, you couldn’t post your settings for these particles could you?

I’m trying to make a wookie, and I’m about to bang my head into my keyboard… :x

You look like you’ve got a real mastery of static particles

I can post a demo file for static particles if i can have someone host it


Here is a link to my blend file.

You should also look at @ner’s suzanne halway down the page on this thread. He has made his blend file available as well, and his fur looks really good.

Good luck with your wookie.

Hey thanks!

I’m just starting to learn how these static particles work… Your blend will be very helpful!