Suzanne's Brain :: Stage: NewBorn

Name: Suzanne
Stage: NewBorn
Blender Knowledge: 365 Questions; 365 Answers
Activated: 1. 12. 2005

You didn’t donated to Blender Community yet enough? Neither did I.
You can help me build first Blender Brain and try to make
at least Suzanne happy. :slight_smile:


what will they come up with next??

I am sure I can’t get this answer from you. Spam? Thank you, I will put your name under keyword _spam.

Huh, thank you for all your answers (also wrong ones), corrections and funny things. I didn’t expect so many visitors…

Huston, we’ve noticed some bugs, but we’re still alive!

Ok, Spam. You pushing it too much, so I will answer you here: You misunderstood me, be sure that I donated to Blender Community, not only that way. But you? I doubt, after reading your tasteless spam…

And all other guys, thank you again for your communication. It already looks promising! It’s time for sleep here. I’ll check your new input later…

Woohoo! Few hours later and more than 1000 additional answers! Who will read all this? :slight_smile: Thank you guys for pointng me out some typos and grammars. There are probably more. I did a small update…

What kind of drugs are you on?

I send only 4 sentences, and got 2 blank answers. :stuck_out_tongue:

You who call yourself airplane asking me about drugs? Maybe you are too interested about drugs. Try switch on milk…

This is ok, I will replace it with ‘No comment’ later.

heh get a life.

i can tell people just want to see if the link has more sense than you.

and again: cough;spam;cough

Wait… I’m not understanding you guys… Why dko you think this is spam? Obviously he is working on an interesting project so that it is possible to ask a bot questions about blender. It seems like a very good idea. Right now however, the bot isn’t making sense all the way. But I can definetely see what your trying to do. I really like it!

Popski works on the blender documentation wiki, so this is not spam.

i dont think i understood how to use this…

I didn’t give you much of explenations, because I needed to know how you will form questions, answers and what else besides Blender topics you will talk with a bot like this. This knowledge is important for programing during first stage. I’ve put this link here, because I don’t need to know ‘just’ right answers on questions, but also wrong ones, abusing, etc… Now I recieved around 5000 answers, so there’s a lot of work to be done for the next stage. Once again: thank you all, users and abusers. Greetings goes also to Orange: Bessam and Lee, say hi to the rest of the team :slight_smile: