Suzanne's Space Bus

another animation test … testing mostly putting transparent windows in a vehicle … it’s Flash video, about 25 seconds:


It’s simple. But I like it!

Not sure what specifically you’re trying to test with windows, but I’d think they’d look a lot better with some envrionment mapping in them.

The flat sheen that flickers over the window as the bus turns makes the animation seem very wooden.

But like I said, not sure what your goals for experimenting are.

Thanks… good comments … my goal for experimenting is learning and becoming comfortable in Blender before I attempt any professional projects. And… of course… as ever… just to have a ton of fun. :slight_smile: Which I are.

Yep, environmental mapping, uv texturing, et al is one of my next areas to learn… gotta watch Greybeard’s tut on that.