Suzuki 2008 b-king motorcycle

Hello everyone!
I guess this is my first serious post on this form, even though I have been in the blender community for two years now. This is a project I have been working on and off since June to learn more about cycles and hard surface modelling. In reality I know little about how motorcycles work, so there probably are few technical inaccuracies in the model.

These images were rendered in blender 2.64a with 1000 samples.

I also have a turntable render here:
Comments and criticisms are welcome :D.
If there is enough interest, I might put in some time to clean up the model an put it up on Blendswap.

That looks great! Very good modeling and texturing. Looks very clean. Definitely one of the the best motorbike models in Blender I’ve seen.

looks really nice! One little things would be that the chrome on the wing mirrors is just a little too reflective…other than that, great job! :slight_smile:

Outstanding. How many polys is it? :spin:

You don’t get many motorcycles being modeled here, but even if you include the cars, this is one of the best automotive models here in a long time.

I think the side panel (with the ‘S’ suzuki logo) has some subsurf smoothing issues, which is a bit weird because you’ve nailed it in other areas. The seats should have probably been left smooth because the bumps look fake.

But other than that, it’s a great model. The detail is amazing.

If you fix those issues and give it an actual floor in the render, I think you would fool a lot of people.

5 stars from me. This has inspired me to pick up my own motorcycle WIP.

that looks pretty good man, One of the best bikes I have seen.

Thanks for the responses everyone!

@@InKontrol I don’t know right now, but I can find that for you when I get back home. A I know is that I think it’s >1,000,000 since my video card didn’t have enough memory.

@GodOfBigThings I didn’t know about that subsurf error until you mentioned it, I’ll be sure to fix that, and tone down the bump on the seats as well.

Great!! But the background isn’t working (at least for me). Is like the bike are floating in mid air…

Great work !!!

@@InKontrolP The polycount is 3.5 million polys with the subsurf all the way up.

@@ForgottenWorld If I have time I might make a full scene, but I’ve been quite busy lately which is why I used the background I did.

How do you even use Blender with that many polys? I’m suprised the viewport doesn’t have a fit.

that’s just awful…

Im joking of course, this is amazing, ive never done a motorbike, even though I have one, but im tempted, this model is truly a great one.

Wow, nice work! Any chance we could get some wire/clay shots?


Also I uploaded the model to blendswap so I you should be able to find it there soon, if I uploaded it correctly. :smiley:

Wow great work, got to be 5*

Yea agree with this the bike is amazing definatley needs a floor / backfround to give it its weight

Really, really awesome, except what looks like pinching around the leather/seat area.

really amazing work!!

Thanks everyone for the comments and the gallery feature!

@Writer_s_Block actually that pinching there was in a number of the reference images I used.

wow! nice work. congrats on gallery!