Suzuki Bike

Something I started today(waiting for my other work to finish rendering…a +/- 2min animation)…anyway, first time doing a bike, actually first time trying something mechanical…would like to know what you think?’s a Suzuki RB50Gag (also know as the GSX-R50)

If anyone knows of any great sites for blueprints of component(eg. engine, speedometor, clutch…and all the rest of things that I have no clue of?) it would be great if you could share that knowledge! (I know of Suurland and )
Or just any good referces of this specific bike?

C&c welcome! :slight_smile:


This site might be useful.

good start. Activate AO and change blue background please.

nice site.

the only comments i have are michanical, unfortunately i dont have the experience to say how to fix it… i hate to comment on works if i cant even make something like that, but these points look a little odd to me…

  • the front wheel seems to far up in the suspension. the distance from the top of the tire to the a frame of the struts is very little…
    -typically the rear wheel is wider than the front, it looks like both tires are of the same size (width).

it is looking great so far…

Actually…it’s possible, but the RB50 GAG is a Mini-Bike, an can be a bit different than normal bikes.