Suzume no Tojimari - すずめの戸締まり

The new movie announced by Makoto Shinkai.
Decided created the poster character to 3D version.
Software: Blender
Follow me: Artstation, Instagram

Follow me: Artstation, [Instagram]


Amazing work! I love the texturing.

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Thank you for love it.

Stunning work, congratulations!


Thank Bartv

Yes, the texturing is outstanding!

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Thank you Zorro

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I don’t understand why the shadr is so good (the character). Is that texture mapping … UV hand drawn on texture? Or you use cycles with some sort of shader?

I will check this Japanese artist and the new movie.
I find the title is “Suzume’s Locking-Up” which if anyone can explain better doesn’t sound good English.

So the first kanji is “door”. The second is “to close/lock”. Suzume is the character I presume.

It is a clever combination of baked lighting, lines drawn in the textures, and a polygon “shell” around the character with a semi-transparent material that creates the illusion of an outline. Check it out in the 3d viewer and turn off the materials.


It’s really great, the unique atmosphere and textures of director Makoto Shinkai are so well recreated!!! :heart_eyes:

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Thank. You are correct about this 3d pipeline workflow.

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Hi Boder, it all direct handpainted texture using Photoshop and I use poly paint at Blender to avoid the seam and mark the highlight, and shadow. @Herbert123 explain the workflow are correct.

@LARK @Mikerio_93 Thank you!

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