Suzzane is all legs!

Yes this is my monkey post. I AM A FORUM MONKEY!!! :wink: Yay!

And here is my monkey blend:

I threw it together quickly last night so its not the greatest thing in the world :expressionless:

Its a celebration render :smiley:

No C&C needed, comments appreciated :wink: Its finished…I might use the room for later renders, I dunno.

Gratz on your promotion to monkeyness.
I like the floor and I really like the walls but i dont think they belong in the same place.
The floor looks more like disco and the walls more like a players club.

Yeah I ment for it to be like that. I was going to make an animation but I got to lazy and time was short. I was going to add payphones on and stuff to make it out of place and akward, but for the same reasons above I didn’t.

Here is the texture for the wall:

It was suppose to be dark and bloody. I was going to have disturbed playing in the background as suzzane was banging her head around and all…lol. Yeah, odd stuff.

Augh! It scares me. My, my. Quite nice, though. I love the floor. Maybe a bit better lighting? I’d like to be able to see the beast a little better.

:< sexy legs.



Like the lights! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gratz on your promotion to monkeyness.

so, what’s the criteria for achieving this status, anyway? what makes a monkey, or a guru, or a groupie, or whatever…?

just wondering…

haha that is just sick :slight_smile:
nice work and congrats ataryu

Just your post counts really. The status isn’t important. Its just fun to celebrate when you do get to a certain title. Your title will earn you no respect , excluding respect from newbies. How you act and participate on elysiun gains your respect and your true title.

Thanx for all the comments guys :wink:

arrrgghhh! thats just plain scary!

  • emk

That’s… SCARY :open_mouth: