sven's escape

hey guys,
i’m all new in this forum. i’m totaly impressed of most of the works in here. :eek:
wanted to post a small animation i made this summer. the reason for making this animation, was the inspiration by just a simple “posing doll” (or however things things are called:)). here the link:

Wow. Really good.

The sound track, the animations and most of the graphics worked good together.

The only part I didn’t like were the grassy hills at 1:38. It just didn’t look right to me (any chance of fixing it?)

After watching it again, I changed my mind, this is so good, even with the grass I give this 5*s

Awesome job!

That wasn’t good. That was awesome! I left a comment on your YouTube video, I thought I’d let you know. :slight_smile: Great great work! Love it. (The story was so moving). “Don’t exist… live.”.


cheers guys, i really apreciate it. with the hills, you are right, i don’t really love them as well. my problem was, i had a very long break with blender and before that break i wasn’t really that much into it, so the whole video was more or less learning by doing. the other more fundamental reason for the quite boring look of the hills is, that in the end my comp just had to handle to many particles what made him crash pretty often… that’s when i decided to leave any more trees and/or flowers away :o but thanks again for the very nice comments

dude for a newcomer you rock, is that your first attempt at animating/modelling

cheers buddy, well in animation pretty much yes, as far as modelling is concerned i’ve been trying to do several things but always lost patience. this time i was really determined to finish this project.

this was amazing!! um how did you do the glowing ripple down his body after the water hit his head?

ho ho, that demanded lots of thinking and trying, and thinking… actually i put 2 of these dolls at exactly the same position. both textures, the wooden and the gray have a blend texture with an animation along the z-axis. when the doll is still grey, the alpha part of its texture is just above its head and the alpha of the wooden just at same position but with its transparenzy going downwards. both textures are moving down, so the grey gets wooden. by nodes i hided the seam just with anoter texture, moving with same speed, just over it. et voila, u got a miracle transformation, the doll gets live relatively :wink: hope this explanation is understandable…:o

Really nice work, guess it took some hard work, these things usually do! :slight_smile:

Definitely an excellent work. Very creative composition that goes perfect with the soundtrack. Compositions like this one could easily classify for a commercial 3D choreography. in my view to make it perfect I would smooth the running and walk cycle a bit more…the torso jumps back and is very easy to spot turning audience down a bit. (very easy to fix)…the other that is most personal opinion is the fly…well I would change it for something more romantic like a bee may be? or a rose with wings…perhaps I did not get the meaning of the fly so I could be missing something.

Videos with music is one of the few things that people look for to relax themselves.

Hope to see more of your work.