SVG Import from inkscape

i got a complicated SVG file from inkscape and imported it to blender
This drawing had several overlaid path curves for different objects
i tried to convert it to Mesh but the results is a distorted image
is there an easy way to convert wihtout distorting the original picture?


SVG, AI and EPS import are all broken, as far as I can tell.

I spent several hours methodically exporting a simple a corporate logo from Illustrator CS2 to SVG, EPS, AI using all the different export options, including AI version 8 compatability. They all failed to import correctly for that specific logo. I have had logos import correctly, but that is more an exption than the rule.

Blender has been in this state for more than a year now. It seems the people developing code for blender are more interested in making character tools than supporting a designers requirments.

I assumed this was an illustrator issue, but from what you are posting, it seems that even inkscape files themselves, the native format, can not be imported!

A solid import.export path is what makes blender usable and flexible in a design environment. I have designers (mainly illustrator artists looking for a little 3D for print ads) at work try out blender only to run into the first obstacle of importing a SVG or AI file. To them, they just see Blender as junk software that does not work. It is hard to argue against that when a simple McDonalds arch can not be imported.

roofoo explains some fixups that can help here:

interesting - i’m a noob with inkscape so i go along
and i can import svg from inkscape to blender no problemo with that aspect

it;s ounce i’m inside blender with the paths or curves that when i want to convert to mesh that its beginning to get ugly - the resulting mesh is all distorted
that’s the problem i have with the curves or paths and i was wondering if there was something to be done about it
from another point of view i’m not certain if it is worthed spending lots of time with inkscape while you can do most of it with blender and even more in 3D and animation
blender is a lot more powerfull from that point of view
inkscape is a good 2D applciations and i might keep it is a lot better than paint program from mircrosoft anyway


Can you post a screenshot of the problem you are having?

the first pic is the original curves - many

the other pic is after doing Alt-c to convert to mesh
it’s a nice mess


hre are the pics to look at