SVG Import Issue

After importing an SVG created within Illustrator, (imported png, image traced it, expanded, and deleted the background before saving as SVG), it shows up with black horizontal lines that seem to change position as the camera angle changes. Anyone have any idea what’s causing this? Thank you ahead of time.

I see this quite a bit here on BA…The basic quick answer is you have duplicate geometry…
SVG format makes the Outline a curve, it also places a curve around the fill portions… so you will end up on import 2 sets of curves around the outline of each section…
Went over this several times in many threads…

I would try this add-on by SpecIO ( free) it works a lot of magic on an imported SVG!!


Thanks a lot homie! Really needed this insight, I’ll try that addon out, sorry for the rehash of info but it’s really appreciated!

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Did you import as plain svg or import svg as GreasePencil? They give a different result.

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