SVG Origin Problem

Hi BA: I purchased an SVG file from, and have run into a problem setting the origins so I can place the individual images (front, back, side, ect.) where they need to be for modeling. They are set where they were at default, and when I do the shift+ctrl+alt+c Origin to Geometry for joining, it doesn’t work because selecting say, the Top, also selects portions of the other images. Just wondering if anybody has run into this type of problem and what you did to solve it. I’ve included a .blend if somebody wants to take a look. Thanks in advance.

Box select all the images of the car in object mode then Join into one with Ctrl+J
In edit mode box select the points in one view and separate into a new object with P. Then you can set the origin for that view.
Repeat for the each view


Thanks a lot Richard. That did the trick. Don’t know why I didn’t think to join them all then separate them one at a time. Thanks again.