SVG Rener error in b.279

I have used this program when Blener 262 was on, but now when I use this prog then
its giving error see image in Yellow

This error is appeared after the execution of pyhton script.

That’s not an error, it’s a tooltip. Info editor header says auto execution is disabled, but might not be related if you ran it from the text editor directly.

I am uploading that svg file I got from previous.
just open and render with 279
it will reneer as c: mp\algo_0001.svg
but there is nothing


seq.blend (135 KB)

The file doesn’t have the script/addon included, which would need to be activated/run before rendering.

sorry wrong file uploaded.


svg.blend (450 KB)

The test file works for me

I dont know why my svg looks like blank file? Win 10, 64 4 GB Ram .

Make sure the object you intend to render is selected…

Item is Selected
in the day time when i am at home you can checkup using teamviewer
win 10, 64, blender 279
a few months ago i have used
You can see the proof with same file.