SVG vector graphics editor recommendation

I want a SVG vector graphics editor that has blender-like tools. The 3D tools of blender are very mature and are excellent in their category. And honestly, I have gotten used to their workflow. I am looking for some editor that has similar tools that works on 2D and vector graphics.

For instance, I want to create a rectangle, switch to edit mode, select a vertex and bevel it without affecting the rest. Or maybe, loop cut a face and extrude the split side.

There is inkscape which is the gold standard SVG vector graphics editor but it’s workflow is different to what I am used to. Anyone know anything like what I’m looking for? Thank you.

Also, I would prefer if it was open source/libre. I don’t have WindowsOS.

Ha. I would wish for that, too. Meanwhile I started using Blender also for 2D vector graphics, using 2D curves and such, because the workflow is just much more efficient than Inkscape. You don’t get SVGs out of that (easily) of course.

So, I guess there is probably no such tool. Then, I’m thinking of developing my own personal application for such a tool. Thanks anyways.

Krita, has some svg but at this moment is more of a drawing / paint program. Free and runs on multiple os.I use Inkscape for my svg and Krita for automatic wrap around (Command W), drawing.

I mean, I would like that too. There’s inkscape but it operates more like an adobe app from 20+ years ago, and still has a bright ui in 2020. . . out of the box, the latestest versions can be modded but honestly, its so un-blender like. I use it sometimes because its open source, but its so far removed from what you want. its like either that, or Affinity designer, depending on whether or not you wanna spend money on a vector graphic editor. Inkscape is free but so alien, and Affinity is 50 bucks 1 time license.

What about Karbon?

But is Affinity blender-like? Also, there is nothing wrong with bright UI. I for one like bright UI.

I had the same thing with inkscape. It’s good but I don’t like it LOL. Fortunately there is an addon, as always in Blender :slight_smile: uses the inkscape engine.
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