Svg with Inkscape and Sodipodi works

I had some draws using the programs Inkscape and Sodipodi. If you want the dog file or the Hyoga file I can get it to you.

The links:

The Einstein:

The dog:

The Hyoga (Saint Seya):

The Venus:

New in 20050805, heads test:

New in 20050806, son:

Great hold!

They look good. Is that a vertex program?

Thanks cativo!

I use Inkscape a vetorial designer program, you can find it here:

I make a new draw, a little test:

Great hold!

i have got a little logo business for a local car company and that made me for a search of vector based softwares.and with a little search -because it is open sourced i have choosed inkspace has been two days for me while working.not very difficult to make some basic things:)

and cogitas3d i see that you are really good with that unlike me:)

no comment just good work;)

and well if you tell me in a specific entry how you maintain all these softwares at the first hand with slackware 10.1.i would be happy…please inform me about that if you write it…i was trying to maintain 10.0 and upgrade and install new programs(packages) everything just ruined:)

thank you

nice work cogitas3d.

clean vector pics.