SVN Bug Reporting

Hello Everyone,

Is there a place or preferred method for reporting what seems to be a bug in SVN?

Currrently, I am using the windows build from, posted on Sept 17, and I found what I think are a couple of bugs / anomalies.

  1. the b key is a toggle for box select, but hitting it twice does not change it to a circle select mode.

  2. If I click on the Shading (F5) icon, then click on the Lamp Buttons icon it crashes. This only happens when nothing is selected. If anything is selected, camera, object or lamp, it doesn’t crash.

Please let me know if there is a proper place to report these issues for svn builds.


There is a ‘report a bug’ link down the bottom of every page on But I’d check something more recent before reporting it to make sure the bug is still in SVN - 17 Sep is quite some time ago.


When I look at BF builds at, the one from Sept is the latest that is available. Is there somewhere else I can get the code already compiled? Or, if I really want to keep on top of things am I going to have to compile it myself?