SVN rev. 13156 versus 2.45 Stable

Just a quick comparison of the new Constant QMC shadow sampling feature in Blender.

2.45 Stable:

2.45 SVN rev. 13156:

As you can see, great strives have been made to produce more realistic lighting and shadows.

You can thank Broken for that, it’s been in SVN for months, but still really good.

You could use adaptive QMC it renders faster.

where can i get that?

You can get it from any new SVN build from Graphicall.

For those not wishing to compile Blender themselves, you can download the latest builds from

Mac, Windows and Linux builds available.

There’s some info on the QMC techniques and the difference between them here:

Generally, with shadows, using Adaptive gives you the same quality but up to about twice as fast.

It’s some awesome work you’ve done here. I’m not a big fan of using external rendering engines, so I am really loving it.